Five Nights At Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

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Five Nights at Freddy 's is a super powered indie game. In the first game, the plot is that your character is a security guard in the restaurant Freddy Fazbear 's Pizzeria. You have to survive 12 am to 6 am. During your five nights you try to survive the killer robots called animatronics. All the animatronics have names. The bunny 's name is Bonnie. He loves to play the guitar. The chicken 's name is Chica. She loves pizza and her cupcake. The fox 's name is Foxy. He is locked away and out of order. The bear 's name is Freddy Fazbear. He enjoys singing and giving out birthday cake. There is a rare character in the game. The character is a yellow bear named Golden Freddy. All you can do is try to protect yourself with cameras that show up on…show more content…
All the animatronics in the first game are replaced other then Golden Freddy. Toy versions are more kid friendly looking that the older models, other than an animatronic named Mangle. The second game also introduces 2 more animatronics. Their names are Balloon Boy and The Marionette. Balloon Boy is a human looking animatronic while The Marionette is a puppet that loves to listen to a music box. But if you don 't wind the music box for a certain amount of time you will be killed by the Marionette. Sometimes it takes seconds. Other times it takes minutes. If Balloon Boy comes in your office your flashlight will be disabled. Without the flashlight there is no way to repel Foxy and when Foxy is here, death is near. Also in the second game there are withered versions of the original animatronics. As they were not used they got ripped and decayed. These animatronics are more scary then the original, if you don 't believe me, play the game and you 'll…show more content…
It is dark and they are at their scariest. You play as a little kid that was in an accident with one of the animatronics a long time ago. They animatronics in this game actually might make you afraid. The animatronics are known as the nightmare animatronics. The game has 3 new animatronics, Nightmare Fredbear, Plushtrap, and the one and only Nightmare. All you can do is watch your bed and check doors and your closet. You have a flashlight and if you see a blur in the hall, your ok, but if you hear breathing outside of the door, don 't freeze, close the door as soon as you can or you are going to die. This is the final game in the FNAF series. It is the scariest and also the one that makes the least sense. In the game if you see Nightmare he will glitch out the game so that you can only hear him running up and down the halls but nothing will stop him from trying to kill

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