Five Paragraph Outline: My Relationship With Writing

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Five Paragraph Outline
My Relationship With Writing

Paragraph One: (Introduction) The relationship I have with writing is very similar to the mentality of an adolescent. For the most part, full of life and extremely eager to become adults without knowing the accountabilities of being as such. It is also like being anxious to explore leisurely but not mature enough to face the harsh realities of indulging adulthood. With writing, I seem to be like so...full of zeal and will to get with the learning process, until I am faced with a particular topic that requires me to either verbalize or inscribe what I have taken in, mentally. Once I begin to express my ideas of a subject, at hand, it may remain a bit challenging at first, but soon after,
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After taking the measures of facing my writing hindrances, the words are actually flowing a lot easier in the proper direction I need them to go. The techniques and guidelines, provided in my textbook are essential to follow, especially to meet the required word count for this particular assignment. I feel that the combination of journal writing and free writing are the best techniques for me. There have been plenty of times I have lost my way with writing papers, poetry, even with keeping a simple daily journal, but I have found to be effective is combing strategies and techniques. “Having Freewriting as the foundation is good and it can also be conjoined with the preparatory work needed before a formation of ideas or words are written” (VanderMey, 2012). I may not know what I am about to jot down at times, but I can just start writing until it or all other strategies come together and make sense of what I am attempting to write about. “Prompting your work is to help you stay focused and reminds you to not give up. Executing the procedure to continuously write until you see your ideas unfold, and when seeing the outcome of freewriting unfold, you can then deem all these as supreme guidelines for a successful writing” (VanderMey, 2012). Journal writing is much simpler to grasp hold of because all it provides is an avenue to describe how you may feel or what you may…show more content…
Furthermore, the importance in learning to professionally communicate is a very important. Demenitioning the anxieties of writing so that I can become a strong communicator is vital to my organization and business. It is more so important to me personally because this is an academic goal I am aspiring to achieve. My relationship with writing is very estranged and strained, but with the weekly ‘complete’ assignments, I know that I am to make a turn-around for the best. I will make myself proud that I no longer allow writer’s anxiety to hinder me from at least trying to create a successful paper or
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