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Andreo J. Mangawang BSA 1-6 ENGL 1013 Five Person You Meet in Heaven, written by Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom, who was born on 23rd of May, 1958 in New Jersey. He grew up as a music lover that give him the reason to teach himself how to play piano. He gained his bachelor's degree in Sociology at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts on 1979. But, he pursued his dream in the world of music, he then worked as a performer for several years in both Europe and America, and he even wrote several songs. However, on his 20's while living in New York he had an interest on journalism and made his way on it by returning to graduate school and was able to earn his Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia University 's Graduate School of Journalism then followed by MBA on the same university. And eventually, this made Mitch turned to full-time to his writing. Until he wrote this novel entitled, Five Person You Meet In Heaven. This book which brought the idea that there is no random acts in life, it is patterned or recurrent. This idea was more elaborated by the characters that portrays each pattern of life. First, the Blue Man which portrays the views of that experiences that are…show more content…
This story is an inspirational works that talks about afterlife, which is fiction. This story was liked by his uncle. As he wrote this novel/story, he is pointing that all has a purpose in living. And as proof of his point he used the five people in heaven that makes realization of how life should treat when alive. And when you look beyond the perspectives presented on each person in heaven such as sacrifices, love, forgiveness, rationality and having a purpose to live it will truly give an insights on the reality that is really convincing. As a result he was able to met his objectives and set out what he is trying to set out

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