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This paper presents about book summary of “even angles ask” as journey to Islam in America. This book divided into six chapters, which are introduction (I lost Him), setting out, the decision, nourishing faith, the best of communities and the road ahead. The writer of this book is a professor in the University of Kansas and Cristian who converted to Islam in the early 1980s. He presented this book to his children and young people who is living in western countries.
As I live in the Islamic country, I also found that many of young generations do not care too much about Islam and do not perform what required by Islam. This problematic is addressed by the writer in the first chapter where the writer presented what happened Islamic young generation in western country. He is very concern young Muslim who are living in America because they live
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These principles of Islam is not only higher level of spiritual but it contain much social development among society such as paying charity (zakat) and salat. Furthermore, the concept of worship in Islam is not only performing the five pillar of Islam, but also doing good for mankind such as say Salam and smile to other Muslim, chit chat with neighbor and etc. That is why the concept of worship in Islam triangulate which vertical directly to Allah and horizontal with humankind. The concept of worship in Islam could be encounter non-Islam perspective where they assume that the values in Islam is only performing the five pillar but also more than that.
Another guidance for Muslim in this life except Quran is Prophet’s Muhammad life. The two primary resources, Qur’an and Hadist, have to be interpreted in present context as both as guidance for Muslim to create role that was not existence in the previous era. In this modern era, Muslim argued that no more prophet after Prophet

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