Five Points Of Calvinism Analysis

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The Five Points of Calvinism was a response to the Five Articles of Arminians. Although the Five Points were first acronymed as TULIP, Piper elaborated these five points in the order in which we ourselves often experience when becoming a Christians, thus he rearranged it into T-I-L-U-P, which stands for Total Depravity, Irresistible Grace, Limited Atonement, Unconditional Election, and Perseverance of Saints. Total Depravity means that our sinful corruption is so strong, enslaving us of sin. All human’s virtue is depraved if it is not proceed from love of the heavenly Father, even if the behavior accords to biblical norms. In total rebellion, everything we do is sin. We are totally unable to submit to God and morally unable to overcome our rebellion and blindness, thus we are totally dependent on God’s grace to overcome all of those and draw us to the Savior, sparing us from eternal punishment that we all deserved. Irresistible Grace refers to God’s sovereignty. He allows resistance and rebellion of our hearts but He can and will conquer all of those whenever he chooses and bring us to faith in Christ so that we can be saved. God granted repentance and gave us…show more content…
Why should Christ died for all when He foreknow and predestined that the atonement would only be effective for some people? God foreknown how we would respond and how we would use our free will and yet why does He still decided to atone those whose heart would not be budged toward Him later? I get the impression that God want to give all of us the same opportunity of salvation because all of us is the same according to God, all of us are His image and creation, and the fulfillment of the salvation will depend on our respond to His calling. So is it possible for the pronounced believers to be the unintended object of salvation plan all along? There is still some part that remain unsolved for me and I am still trying to seek for the
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