Five Positive Affirmations That Changed My Life

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I have overcome many things in my life, and I know that I was able to because I was able to flip some negative affirmations into some positive ones. The way we talk to ourselves really does define what we do or don 't do. I am a prime example of that, which is why I feel so much passion about positive affirmations and a positive mentality. I see too many people getting stuck in a negative loop that never allows them to change their life for the better, even though they have the power to do so.
5 Positive Affirmations That Changed The Course Of My Life

A quote about how things you affirm to yourself the most have an impact on your life.

I 've affirmed many positive things to myself, but I can honestly say that the following 5 positive affirmations have had a huge impact on where I have ended up.
1. I Deserve A Good Guy

For years, I dated jerks and losers.

I dated a guy who was addicted to cocaine. I dated a guy who had just gotten out of prison. I dated a guy who stole my money. I dated a guy who would stay out all night doing god knows what. I dated a guy who literally ran off with the circus and never called me again. I dated guys who didn 't want to commit, didn 't really seem to like me, and stole a ton of my self-worth.

I told myself that I wanted a cool guy. I wanted a guy who was bad, which always equaled a jerk or a loser.

Then, one day after having my heart stomped on again, I had enough. I affirmed to myself something positive for
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