Five Power Treaty Essay

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It all goes back to the Washington Naval Conference, held in Washington from November 1921 to February 1922; the winners of WW1 were invited to the conference, excluding the Soviet Union. The purpose of the conference was to discuss naval disagreement, reduce the tension in East Asian and reach a balance of power at the same time. During this event different treaties and agreements were sign such as: The four power treaty, Five Power Treaty and the Nine-power pact. The four power treaty, signed by the US, Great Britain, France, and Japan at the Washington Naval Conference held on 13 December 1921, by this treaty all parties agreed to maintain the status quo in the Pacific, respecting the Pacific holdings of the other countries, also they…show more content…
The country became more aggressive, many people started blaming the government for Japan`s economic crisis. People lost faith in the government causing them to start listening to more attractive ideas such as military strength; the military full of nationalistic pride, came up with the idea that the only way of Japan to have access to raw material was to expand its territories. As a result, in the same year, Japanese Army officers seized the resource-rich region of Manchuria in the north of China, and even though the Government did not approve this mission, the Army went ahead anyway; and within a year, Japan controlled Manchuria. When invaded Manchuria, Japan violated the treaty signed in the Washington Naval Conference; as a consequence, members of the League of Nations decided that Japan committed and illegal act. Furthermore, Japan left the League with the feeling they were treated unfairly. During that time, the people in Japan felt humiliated and insulted by the League, so when the government decided to resign, the people felt that they have regain their some of their pride in some way thus supporting fascism. Moreover, within Japan, the people accepted Fascism as a better system, fascists believed that western values dominated the world and their ways were morally wrong. As they believed in nationalism, they wanted Japan self sufficient by trading and be a strong nation and
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