The Importance Of Effective Leadership In Business

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In business, we need leaders, but not just any leader — effective leaders. The people with the ability to envision the future and motivate others to work others to work for the vision, or the desired goal. The core of leadership is the ability to influence and facilitate individual and collaborative efforts to achieve the shared vision (Yukl, 2012). The performance of every organization is reliant upon these strengths because they directly affect the labor force and team endeavors. We should strive to become leaders in which ever career we find ourselves versus simply managing. “Leaders must be able to foster communication, cohesion, and commitment within their teams” (Griffith & Dunham, 2015, p. 67). By improving and encouraging excellent interpersonal communication skills, we help decide the outcome of the organization’s success.…show more content…
Practices that are observable, distinct, and measurable by our success. An effective leader successfully guides the processes that determine the performance. As such, we must model the way, or earn a reputation of credibility — of being trustworthy. Subordinates tend to follow those who are competent, considerate of others, and have a reputable character. In business relationships, integrity encourages the same behavior and builds collaborative relationships. For example, as leaders we have a track record. Our success record influences others, but only if our actions and motives were honest. A true leader is more focused on the collaborative success, than his individual success. I am more willing to follow a successful, yet humble and honest leader than one who lacks
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