Five Principles Of Consistency Management

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and tend to not be disruptive to their peers. CMCD is to promote responsibility between the teachers and the students regarding the students’ learning (Freiberg et al., 2008). Consistency management refers to how the classroom teacher chooses to set up the environment within the classroom. This includes passing out papers, seating arrangements, personal space usage, taking attendance, and creating a positive environment for students to learn. Cooperative Discipline refers to letting the students take ownership. The environment goes from being teacher centered to being more student centered. Student take ownership within the classroom and become partners with the teacher in follow the expectations. Students help make the decisions within…show more content…
Leadership is shared between the teacher and students. Management relies on control and compliance. Management is a form of guidance and leadership with high levels of trust and caring by the teacher and students. The teacher appoints the same students for classroom chores. All students may apply to be classroom managers: selected from posted job applications and interviews, with positions rotated at pre-set…show more content…
Prevention is huge. If misbehavior can be prevented before it even has the chance to take place, then the classroom management plan is on its way to being successful. If students know that the teachers care about them, whether inside the classroom or outside of the classroom, then they will come to respect the teacher. If no caring takes place, then the students may not feel like they need to be respectful to the teacher. Cooperation refers to the teacher and the student cooperating, with each other among the classroom. Both parts of cooperation have to take place for CMCD to be successful. Organization helps with the management of the classroom, both for the students and the teacher. The last principle that is important to make CMCD effective is community. Everyone is the class and school is all a part of the same community. They all want to see the classroom and school be successful. Therefore, the students need to understand that they are part of a bigger world outside of the classroom. They are part of the huge community within the school and within their neighborhood and city. Each principle has activities that are done within the classroom so that the students learn how they can utilize the principles themselves (Riley, 1998). Those activities help the teachers in teaching the students how to make those principles better known to

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