Five Principles Of Pedagogy

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In this assignment, I will be writing on how to apply the principles of pedagogy in my area of specialism. Effective teacher uses diverse teaching strategies and universal approaches that suit situations, different strategies in different grouping of learners to improve learning outcomes, There are different teaching styles that suit different learners backgrounds and ability. Teachers are ldentified in their profession as ‘learning specialist’ , and there are five principles of good pedagogy which are Motivation, Exposition, Direction of activity and Inviting imitation. Andragogy is the best approach for effective delivery and pedagogy, both approaches must be used to ensure effective delivery.The principle is the idea of the curriculum and requirement of my subject area, I adopted pedagogy and andragogy that learners will understand The word motivation preceeds teaching at all times the teacher is preparing for delivery of effective and engaging instructional process. “teaching” is the canny art of intellectual temptation” says J. Bruner. He was actually referring to motivation. Motivation is meant to be dependent on the personalty of the teacher and the ability to develop a sound relationship with the learners, understanding their view interest, experience and world and knows how to design the lesson in such a way that it will make meaning to the learners. All these make the learning relevant and preparing learner beyond limitation as the purpose of teaching is
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