Principles Of Effective Project Management

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Purpose – The purpose of this study is to further investigation to find the principle of the project management. Not only in term of project management but also in Information technology field.
Design/methodology/approach – There are a lot of source that focuses on the project management principles.
Findings – The articles, websites that have been discussed about the principles of the project management in Information Technology.
Originality/value – This is the study to conduct on the subject project management.
Keywords: Project Management, Information Technology, principles
Paper type: Conceptual/ Literature review

Nowadays, many people and organizations have an interest towards in project management.
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For project structure, project managers always think three dimensions; quality, resources and time. There many questions that can be ask in project structure. For examples, what has to be done? , when should something be done and in which order? , what is the status of the project?. As project manager, he or she must ask these questions and should answer them with accurate as possible. Second, definition phase, the actual status of the project is depending on the costs for modifications of the project. This modifications means that one of worker must do that work again. In the development phase, 80% - 90% from the whole projects costs are defined. Next are clear goals. Responsibility for the achievement of a commitment about the goals of the project between management and project team is project manager. SMART should be defining by these goals. SMART can be defined as specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and time-bounden. Next, transparency about the project status. The useful tools to help project manager staying online are flow chart, structure plan and milestone plan. A project manager must be able to present a short report about the status of the project. The costs, the timeline and the achieved…show more content…
Most of the writers highlighted that each project have risk management. Project managers need to know what is the risk that they face when they do the project. It is because, when project have risk, project manager will know the weakness of the project. There are two writers that write the same principles of project management. But, there additional for one of the writer write the principles of the project management which are project goal, project timeline and order and project milestones. These principles of the project management already use long time ago. Nowadays, it is still use this principles as a guidelines for do the projects.

As the conclusion, the project management is the application of knowledge for the project manager to achieve the objective of the project. In this paper, there are a lot of sources that give a different principle in term of, whether in Information Technology Project Management or Project Management only. There are a few of writer write a few of the principles of the project management. These principles are useful for do the project in the project

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