Animal Welfare Argumentative Essay

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Nothing is wrong with bringing a terrifying hairy 6 ton mammoth back from the dead, right? I believe that raising extinct species from the dead is a dreadful idea. Many examples are from disease carriers to environment changing. To start, “Animal welfare: People could be exploiting animals for solely human purposes, and may cause individuals of the de-extinct species harm,” stated by Breanna Draxler author of 5 Reasons to Bring Back Extinct Animals (And 5 Reasons Not To). This was to shows how some of these animals would be hunted if they were come back to life. Human have extinct some animal already why bring them back to do it again and again and again. The cycle of murder raise from the dead then kill for resources, repeat step, that is…show more content…
Jurassic park should be our last priority in life. True it would be fun to seeing long 22 meter animals, but saving animals that are dying should go first. We need to do our homework before we play. We might forget tigers or birds are dying; finding a cure could help them live longer. Once we help the world then we could help are entertainment needs. Would you rather help out others or help yourself. Don’t answer that because their are a lot of selfish…show more content…
Once a group of wolves roamed Yellowstone park. They were almost killed off by human. Everything in Yellowstone went down hill without their pack. That is not compared to a herd of 15 tall fuzzy monsters running around in this barbie world. Absolutely no one can predict if global warming will run faster because extinct animal would use their animal powers. Other animals food supplies might fall short because these big slobs are eating all of nature’s

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