Five Reasons Why College Is Still Worth It?

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Choosing what to do for the rest of your life is challenging decision teenagers need to make. Some teenagers know definitely what they want to do in the future, some have no idea and some have ideas in their head but just does not have any assurance their idea would work out. One of the many decisions teenager need to make in their junior and senior year of highschool is, whether or not if they want to attend college. Going to college or not could be like black and white colors from a monochrome to some people. I think college is still worth it, because if you do not attend college you would most likely have less opportunity to be successful and if you attend college, you are most likely and have much higher guarantee you would success in life.…show more content…
Now, even public colleges are expensive as an average private universities. One of the main key is that students need to do enough research for Scholarships. Scholarships are money that could help students with their tuition that could be money or working scholarships. In an article ‘5 Reasons Why College Is Still worth It” from Forbes Magazine by Reyna Gobel described her opinion on scholarship that financial aid could help students who matches the criterias for the aid, but for those who do not, “last minute scholarship search can fill in funding gaps...if you put the required work in.” Scholarships does not come by just signing a paper but turning in actual work by turning in essays why you should get this
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