Five Reasons Why Muslims Travel To New Orleans, Louisiana

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5 Reasons Why Muslims Travel to New Orleans, Louisiana

Traveling while Muslim

I 've travelled to places that were simply jaw-dropping as some of the natural landmarks are just phenomenal works of nature. At the same time, I discover people who are not as free as I to take part in common activities while travelling. It 's difficult to locate proper accommodations, restaurants and activities that are suitable for the young Muslim Millennials when you consider their values and restrictions such as avoiding environments where alcohol is served and eating Halal foods. Where do Muslims go to have a good time? Let 's start by taking a look at historic New Orleans, Louisiana.

“If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.” Prophet Muhammad

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The Audubon Zoo is a personal favorite of mine. There 's so much you can do and to see at the park so bring your walking shoes. Other areas of interest include the Mississippi River, New Orleans Museum of Art and the Aquarium of the Americas.

5) When it 's time to pray Fortunately, New Orleans has a generous amount of mosques around town, including the Islamic Center of New Orleans, New Orleans Masjid Al-Islam, Masjid ar-Rahmah and the Muhammad Mosque to name a few.

The Jefferson Muslim Association is happy to invite you and your family for prayer at the Masjid. In addition, this is where you 'll find various services and resources. If you 're going to be in town long enough, they hold Sunday school and Quran classes for anyone desiring to attend. The Association also offers free health care and guidance programs for those who are thinking about
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