Five Second Rule

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The Five second rule, a widely known saying stating that food dropped on the floor for less than five second is still sanitary and safe to eat. We 've all been there, you drop some food while your walking and pick it up and hope no one sees. This however comes with its disagreements as not all people feel that it 's completely okay for such a thing to happen, however these disagreements spark ideas and questions in the people causing people to creat experiments testing the five second rules effectiveness and accuracy. However you can 't help but wonder, where did the five second rule come from?

A popular chef, Julia Child, from "The French Chef" is thought to maybe not make it however spread it rapidly and wildly as after she dropped some food told her audience
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One important conclusion from the work of Dawson P, Han I, Cox M, Black C, and Simmons L (2006) that the surfaces do matter. 99% transfer rate of bacteria was seen from tile to Bologna while from wood to Bologna there was a rate of t understand what it meant for our data to be statistically insignificant. We knew from Graph #1 that our data would show no clear conclusion. Our control had a .33 average showing that we could draw some sort of a conclusion, food is always and constantly picking up bacteria. The second food comes into contact with its environment, wether it be by physically touching the tile or just the air in the room bacteria is always present. Now this is not ground breaking new evidence however to see the speeds at which this happened is defiantly something, however this all goes back to our error and we had far too many error and variables to

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