Five Themes Of Geography Essay

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Montreal, the home of hockey, is the best city to do for the 5 Themes of Geography. I mean it is Canada, who doesn’t like Canada. Like I mentioned before, the five themes go perfectly well with this city. Montreal is in the province of Quebec. The population in 2011 was 1,649,519. The most common sport in Montreal is hockey, and their professional team of the NHL is the Montreal Canadiens, or Habs. They are called the Habs because in their team logo they have an H in the middle which Habs is short for Les Habitants. This refers to the settlers of New France back in the 17th century which today is referred as Quebec. The common race in Montreal is caucasian followed by chinese. The most common religion is christianity/catholicism. The common language is French followed by English. French is the main language because France is the one who found Canada and…show more content…
It is Northeast of Ottawa, Northwest of Boston, and straight North of Norfolk. This means that Montreal and Norfolk is on the same degrees North, but West degrees are different. The province of Quebec is divided into 17 regions, Montreal being the 6th one. It is in the northern hemisphere. There are many jobs and opportunities in Montreal which makes it a functional place to be. Jobs include functional developer, business analyst, and more. Since Montreal is in Canada, people think it is always cold there. In reality, the coldest it ever gets is about -22 degrees fahrenheit. The temps also go up to 79-81 degrees fahrenheit in July.
Ways to move around is by car, the subway, and bus. People may want to leave because of the language. Not many people speak french and it will be hard to get around. Also the property tax, household charge, and 48 hours of misty rain on weekends. Pull factors include hockey, nice people, tourism, and nightlife. Ideas move by people because the people there are very social. Also through television because of the

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