Five Themes Of Geography In Saudi Arabia

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The Five Themes of Geography Applied to Saudi Arabia
-Payton Lehnerz
Absolute location is a mathematical and precise location of a country. The absolute location of the Saudi Arabia is 25 00 N, 45 00 E. Relatively, the Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East; north of Yemen and Oman; and South of Iraq and Jordan. Saudi Arabia is also bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.


Place The physical characteristics of Saudi Arabia can be broken down into four natural regions. In the West are mountainous highlands; Central contains the rocky plateau; East are low-lying fertile coastal plains; and covering majority of the
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An example of formal regions within Saudi Arabia are the four historical provinces in which the country is divided: Asir, El Hasa, Hejaz, and Nejd. A functional region is an area organized around a central area that is tied to it by purposeful associations. A functional region that Saudi Arabia has is its postal codes. Saudi Arabia has five-digit postal codes and the first digit of each code is determined by the region. A perceptual region is a place that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity. An example of perceptual regions in Saudi Arabia are the Northern, Southern, Central, Western, and Eastern Regions. All these regions pertain to citizens local identities, yet can be up for…show more content…
For a country that is only a DC, mid-point between an MDC and an LDC, this is a fairly decent rank. It also has an ok score of 71.2. Although Saudi Arabia is ranked middle of the pack, there are some economic indicators that can lead to a worsening FSI score. According to Reuter, in November 2017 there was a international conference of over 3,000 business leaders promoting Saudi Arabia as an investment destination. However, two weeks later the hotel where this conference was held has now become a luxury prison in which the country’s political and business elite are being held. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is crackdown on corruption that may change, or even hurt the country’s economy. However, this crackdown is very risky because it is hurting Saudi Arabia’s top private businessmen. By hurting these elite men, investment by them and their families could dry up, meaning many industries are vulnerable to collapse. Not to mention the economy has already fallen into recession due to low oil prices. Although hope seems grim, there is a new breed of state backed companies rising to compete with the old guard. These new enterprises are also linked to the PIF, the top diverging wealth fund in Saudi Arabia. However, it is unclear how smoothly and efficiently this transition will be made and if Saudi Arabia’s economic stability will be

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