Five Themes Of Geography

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Iraq and the World The Middle Eastern country of Iraq is very interesting and widely talked about today in our news and schooling. Not only is Iraq’s history and overall geography fascinating, but events occuring right now are intriguing to explore and learn. The “five themes of geography” are five aspects of a country’s geography such as its location and region. Looking into Iraq’s “five themes of geography” provides deeper insight into the country itself through web articles, maps, and current events. Location, both Relative and Absolute, play a role in the five themes of geography. Relative location is where a place is located relative to other places. Iraq’s relative location consists of being bordered by Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. It is also northwest of the Arabian Sea, an important sea for trading as it connects India to the west. It is also east of the Mediterranean Sea, which connects the Red and Black sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Absolute location consists of the exact coordinates (latitude and longitude) or something as simple as a street address. Iraq’s coordinates are 33° N, 43° E which is just north of the Tropic of Cancer (23° N). Lastly, the Capital City of Iraq is Baghdad, which consists of 7.665 million people. Relative and Absolute location, one of the five themes of geography, are…show more content…
Iraq is relatively close to the equator, and has much of a desert climate, with mild winters and harsh summers. Temperatures range from 39 degrees to 111 degrees fahrenheit year-round. Due to the temperature getting so hot, people cool off in underground shelters. However, there are also areas of Iraq which consists of mountains, which have cooler temperatures and climate. This is because the mountains block the warm air and is at a higher elevation. There is also very little water, with less than 15 inches annually. Finally, because of monsoons near Iraq, it is often windy in the summer to the
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