Information Systems: Semi-Structured Information System

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Semi-Structured Information Systems La Pedra Evans CIS267 Module 1 Aurora Community College Decision support systems are in general designed to have certain functionality depending on what group you are supporting. The type of system you use will be based on the information that you need to be derived from the system. Decision systems, in general, are driven by five categories; communications, data, knowledge, model, and documentation. A decision support system will help you manage and process data that will provide managers with critical information on performance to drive the business. Each decision support system has a human and automation element and is focused on a common objective. The Semi-structured decision structure is a combination…show more content…
The package includes a database solutions data entry and tracking and information gathering. When picking a Human Resources Information System also known as (HRIS), it is important that you know the needs of your company to prevent from purchasing a package that is not scalable and will not fit the current and future needs of the business. Suggestions on key things to consider are; will it grow with your business, will you be able to meet your company’s goal with the tasks that it provides, and what kind of training will you need for the system. There are four main types of Human resources management systems; job analysis and design, recruiting information systems, compensation, and benefits, employee training and development. Job Analysis and Design Information System comprise company guidelines, state and government regulations and various outside sources. Recruiting Information systems creates a recruiting process that is designed to fill open positions within the organization. Compensation and Benefits Information System help streamline the process of raises and benefits for each employee. Training and Development systems allow for training to be provided to employees in the most beneficial and cost-effective…show more content…
This has a direct influence on elevating group productivity by increasing the ability to take on more work without added stress to employees. The enhancement of communication comes from the output of data that is provided from the diverse set of reports the system offers. Through the automation of some office systems, the process control system can reduce errors, reduce cost and provide more data. Process control is a set of principles and procedures that are interactive and runs continuously based on the regulations of the product using control loops. At the base of most process controls lies programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems which control the analog devices. A process control system that is developed efficiently can quickly change the strength of a

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