Five-Year-Old Golf Clubs And It's Influence On My Life

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Welcome to the most important set of equipment the world has ever seen: my five year old golf clubs. Let us travel through this set of clubs which includes a huge difference in clubs that compares to each one of my five College Composition I essays. Depending on the club, some clubs maybe be more reliable and interesting, but all play a major part in the overall writing this paper as it reveals information about my life, values and struggles. My first essay would easily be compared to my trusty 52 degree wedge. When I was first given this assignment, my mind raced to describing why my faith journey has had a major impact on my live and confidence in myself; this compares to my confidence I have in my 52 degree wedge on the golf course. If I am with in 80 yards of the green, my first instinct is to grab the 52 degree wedge just as finding the topic for my autobiographical essay. Being the first essay of the class, mistakes filled the essay sporadically, which mimics my accuracy with the 52 degree wedge in the beginning of golf season. Although the 52 degree wedge may not be the most attractive club in the bad, my feelings for it outweigh all other clubs, comparatively, this essay is about something I deeply care about even though some other papers may be better. The autobiographical essay ended up being my easiest and most favorite…show more content…
This essay needed a lot of research before I even started to write the paper, which is similar to all the practice I put into perfecting my accuracy with my six iron. Because it required so much research before I even wrote the paper, the social commentary essay took the longest to write; comparatively, the time it took to perfect my six iron was proportional to the time it took to write this essay. Furthermore, my six iron started off as one of my least favorite club, but as time grew, it became on of my favorite, reliable clubs just like the social commentary

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