Fivolous Wife And Taming Of The Shrew

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Cultural exchange is a way to share different ideas, understandings, morals and aspects is an incredible thing to process. Shakespeare’s literature was widely distributed not only in the Renaissance but around the world to modern day. Since Shakespeare never gave people a set summary or every work that is available in our time it leaves people with a world of interpretation. In 날나리 종부전 (Frivolous Wife) is a Korean adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. This movie is directed by Im Won-Gook making this his first and only featured film relased in 2008. Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew has been replicated through film many times but what about in the view of a different culture? Without considering the high influence of Shakespeare some major themes and representation of his works can change the key roles, plot, and characters. In a foreign film 's adaption of another cultures with different beliefs are added to illustrating the directors view on the story, bending the characters personalities and…show more content…
Beautiful rich, and young Cheon Yeon-soo (Katherine) lives her life of freedom and indulgence after her family strucks gold in the lottery. She’s able to get anything she wants clothes, shoes, bags and even men. That is until she meets and falls for Jeong-do (Petruchio), an awkward and polite young gentleman the complete opposite of her personality. Jeong-do happens to be the grandson of a very traditional family and Yeon-soo attempts to learn how to become a proper lady so her in-laws will accept her. Little does she know that Jeong-do family are actually notorious mobsters setting up for a bloody family feud. This Korean romantic comedy is a new twist to Taming of the shrew giving it a new appeal for the audience in a cliché/predictable setting. Im Won-Gook wanted this story to be engaging to Koreans and give them a different take on Shakespeare than what they knew at school growing

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