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I find that this school is slacking in areas that could be easily fixed. For example, the school lunchs are complete wack. They don 't taste good and the portions are terrible. I feel like I 'm being ripped off. I wish they 'd allow us to bring food back into the school/classrooms. Since the students that caused that privilege to be revoked have now graduated. Fix Barb 's Bar. It 's full of "food" nobody really wants. Bring back the larger portions. Bring back sports drinks and soda. Bring back ice cream and the snacks. Bring back the legendary cookies. #bringitback Over Christmas break, I talked to one of my closest friends, Alex Campbell, who graduate AHS in 2010. He told me stories on how great this school used to be and the food was one of the highlights. Since he has graduated, we have only gone downhill. "Such a…show more content…
"Could be better, we need more food. Have you noticed they have given us the same amount of food since 5th grade?!"- Aaron Kough "Quit serving horse, serve us fresh beef. Fresh of the grill and not out of a microwave."-Seth Bowers "They suck. Not enough food and need to give us salt again."-Kaylin

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