Fixed Mindet Essay

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After reading the book Mindset by Carol Dweck, I realized that I need to improve on my fixed mindset in a few different areas in order to be the best person I can be. According to Dweck, a “fixed mindset makes you concerned with how you will be judged, the growth mindset makes you concerned with improving” (13). Carol Dweck discusses the two different mindsets and the impact that having a fixed mindset has on individuals in the long run. In order to grow, learn and improve, I need to accept failure, be more confident in myself, and develop better study habits. The first area that I need to improve on is my ability to accept failure because failure “can be a painful experience. But does not define [me]” (33). I've always thought that I’d have to be right and couldn't be wrong, but “if [I] make a mistake, [I get] to make it right” (33-34). In other words, by making mistakes, I actually learn new information. Instead of seeing my mistakes as negatives, I need to learn from them and turn them into positives. I have the choice and realize “I [can] sit in my misery or I…show more content…
But really everyone can improve and get smarter, you're just not naturally great at something. Only “skills and achievements come through commitments and effort” (179). You can get better at something if you try and put your heart to it, I believe that if I discuss my answers and reasons why to other students in my class , I will have a more conand hear other opinions that this will help improve and have a better mindset. Also I can study more at home or I would stay after school, it would help me learn the material. “Failure after failure can be a painful experience. But it doesn't define you” (33). Failure is hard but it shouldn't put down your confidence, I just have to believe in myself once in awhile and even if I did fail or get it
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