Fixed Mindset Analysis

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A fixed mindset is the idea that one can’t achieve more than they already have. Whether this is in a social, developmental, or intellectual sense can vary from person to person. For example, Stacy could have a fixed mindset when she refuses to talk to other people when they approach her, simply because she is only adjusted to speaking with her best friend, Halsey. A developmental fixed mindset would be if Carlos chose to stay in his position as an assisting scientist instead of head scientist, simply for the fact that a head scientist has more responsibilities than his current position. Carlos believes that he cannot handle more responsibility than he already has, despite proving on multiple occasions that he can handle this opportunity. Finally, an example of an intellectually fixed mindset would be if Cecil found a puzzle so completely frustrating, that he gave up and never returned to the puzzle. Alternatively, A growth mindset is the thought that one can always keep growing, achieving more than they already have. Stacy, instead of shunning everyone who speaks to her, could try small talk. Taking little steps, she could eventually work her way up to actually talking to a stranger first. Carlos, although intimidated by the new…show more content…
Beliefs are culminations of inputs of external data, processed in such a way that allows the vessel a conceived perception of choice between said stimuli. An assumption is a fault of the human mind. Evolutionarily speaking, assumptions are actually pretty helpful on the path to survival, considering that a second could mean the difference between life and death. Assumptions protect the person from staring at a bush for a moment too long, pondering if that scruff of tan is a lion or a flower. These elements of vision, Belief, and assumption do pertain to my life, as the ultimate goal is to be as productive and bountiful as possible and these elements propel my path to the
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