Fixed Mindset

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Many students in this day of age do not understand the concept of having an “open mind.” Minorities nowadays want everything right then and there. Due to the advances in technology and parenting in present time, many learn throughout all aspects of life to have a one way mind. I am one who can relate to what Carol S. Dweck writes about in her research article, “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn,” and that having a fixed mindset is an extreme setback, whereas having a growth mindset, potential is realized and often accomplished. She explains further into her article those who have a growth mindset have a very straightforward idea of effort compared to those with a fixed feel that working hard is a downfall. The two mindsets are exact opposite and having a growth furthers a person’s success rate later in life compared to a fixed mindset. Transforming my mind and way of thinking from one that is fixed to a growth mindset has helped to keep me motivated in times of failure and view them as learning opportunities. Throughout my…show more content…
“Students believe that intelligence is fixed, that each person has a certain amount and that’s that” (Dweck 107). I thought that it would be nearly impossible to pass. I soon came to the realization that to succeed one must fail and or adjust my habits. To be able to graduate and succeed in some kind of way I had to learn to have a growth mindset and work extremely hard and study for long hours to pass my final exam. Eventually, exam day came and I was confident in the work that I was about to exonerate. Without a doubt, I passed the exam with an A and it had brought my final grade to an 84%. It was definitely a learning experience for me and when I look back I wish I would have applied myself properly and worked hard from the beginning to avoid the struggle, because without my growth mindset that I had learned, I was going to
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