Flag Speech: First Country To Land On The Moon

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Flag Speech On July, 19th 1939 Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong sent a message to Mission control in Houston, Texas. The message stated “The Eagle has landed”. I believe that this message is supposed to mean how America was the first country to land on the moon. “Eagle”, representing America because the eagle is an emblem of our country much like our flag. The American flag was also put on the surface of the moon. If you look at a picture of the moon you can still see the flag of the United States. Our flag was born as a product of a resolution, and adopted on June 14, 177 at Philadelphia. The resolution stated that the United States flag would have thirteen stripes, interchanging red and white stripes and the union would have…show more content…
The stars on the blue union ranged to have five to eight points. Many people believe that Francis Hopkinson was the original designer of the flag we see today. Many designs of the flag got adopted and designed during the Revolutionary War. One of the most famous designers is Betsy Ross, who designed one of the most popular flags. Betsy made flags for the Pennsylvania State Navy in 1777. One of these flags became known as the “Betsy Ross flag”. General Washington asked Betsy to make him a flag of America. Washington stretched the design of the flag in Betsy’s back parlor. This flag was very popular. Many people preferred this design than others.
President Monroe established a bill requiring that the United States flag should have a union of 20 white stars on a blue background and with each state added into the union, a star would be added to the flag. The thirteen stripes would stay the same. President Monroe established this bill on April, 4, 1818. The flag ended up having 48 stars. In 1959 to 1960 two stars were added to the flag. Those stars represented Alaska and Hawaii. The flag had to have a new design with 50 stars. On July 4, 1960 the official flag of the United States was raised at Fort Mctlenry National in Baltimore,

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