Flagger Force Autobiography Essay

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History - the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. Asking me to write about the History of Flagger Force is like asking me to write my autobiography. I say this because I am officially the longest tenured operations employee in King of Prussia. Much like we say every member of our field staff remembers their first week on the job, I remember my first week on the job also. My career at Flagger Force began on April 12, 2010 at our Harrisburg Branch in Middletown, PA. I arrived an hour early, and upon my arrival I was escorted to Bill McDaniels office and he immediately sent me outside to my car because I was too early and he was busy. At the time, I thought that HE was Mike Doner; I had always worked for “Mom & Pop Shops”, and I remember thinking to myself, “Great, my first day in the office and I already pissed off the owner”. Forty-Five minutes later, Ann Johnson came out to my car, and told me to pull out my vehicle and back it in before “Mike” yelled at me for pulling into the parking space.

My first assignment at Flagger Force was pre-screening. I was placed in an office and I was told to Pre-Screen applicants. I was told the most important to remember telling applicants was that they would be charged $45 for their equipment when they received …show more content…

Somehow, it was determined that it would be helpful for me to write down the assignments of everyone in the safety meeting. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell me that I needed to share the name of the client someone was working for, or who their partner was – I remember writing down the name of the employee and the location of the assignment and their start time. Needless to say, I didn’t end up being much of a

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