Flame Spewing In Andrew Carnegie's Hostile Industry

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Andrew Carnegie
Flame spewing from the mighty Bessemer converters at Pittsburgh as molten iron was changed into steel. That steel would carry on to create our railroads that went out into the great wild west and built our skyscrapers in our cities high in the sky. Such as the iconic Flatiron building. This Steel came from great huge egg shaped furnaces that glowed red hot from all the molten steel that they contained in there vastness. These Furnaces were called Bessemer’s. (History.com) One man from Scotland would take these huge monsters and create a huge industry that would eventually take control of over one quarter of the steel created in the United States. He would eventually become the wealthiest man in the country. His ingenuity
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His father, who worked at home, was known all around (New World Encyclopidia)it’s even thought that one of his uncles was killed during a radical political experiment. His father wrote articles that would sometimes be published explaining how the English were evil or even how Catholics were the devils of the world. But with that factories started taking away many of the business that local men got and forced them to go and work for factories. His father was a too extreme risk to take on so he was left without a job. They had to borrow 20 pounds from people around the town to get a ticket to America. They got on the ship Wiscasset and set forth to…show more content…
One of the most prominent ones would be the homestead strike. On June 30 1982, employees were outraged about the supposed cuts to their pay. Henry Clay Frick was the man in charge of the plant at the time. Carnegie was in Europe touring the countryside. Henry called in a private army called the Plinkertons what during the time was larger than most state militias. After a long standoff a fight took off and over the course of an hour seven strikers and three plinkertons were killed. During the aftermath Henry was the victim of an attempted assassination. Which changed public opinion away from the strikers to the company (New World
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