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Have you ever seen a flamingo, and no not the ones on the lawn that compete with the gnomes, a living pink, long legged flamingo? A flamingo is an exotic pink bird that flies fast, travels in flocks, and stands on one leg that bends backwards but have you ever wondered what a flamingo does during its life or why it is a bright pink, orange, or red? Flamingoes or as scientists like to call them Phoenicopteridae are a pinkish or a red or even a bright orange sometimes, however did you know that they are actually born white? Flamingos are born with white feathers and a straight beak. Their beak will begin to turn as they age, but there color won 't just change through their aging, they gain their color by actually eating a specific diet that…show more content…
Some flamingos are very territorial, flamingos will fight each other by hitting their beaks together or biting each other. First they will ruffle their feathers to try to look bigger than the other flamingo, they do this to intimidate the other male birds. Once a flamingo finds a mate, they are much like humans, and will usually stay together forever taking care of their young together. The male will defend his mate and even die for her. At the Hattiesburg Zoo officials stated that a male flamingo died from injuries he sustained defending his…show more content…
The exotic pink birds are very strong birds and live in some places you wouldn 't expect such as the Andes Mountain range. Flamingos try to stay near water they need both fresh and salt water close by. They need salt in the water for the food sources that they eat but their bodies will extract the salt. Flamingos but do not like vegetation but prefer flat muddy land with plenty of room to roam. They are found mostly in exotic tropical places like sandy beaches or lakes but can also live in the subtropic regions. Most flamingos like to be the only animal around so they don’t have to compete for food, but they do travel in a flock with a lot of other flamingos. This is also called a colony, if the birds are captivated and put alone instead of with an abundance of other flamingos they will not be as happy and healthy. They also do not like to move or migrate but if there is change in the water condition or atmosphere changes they will need to find another place that they like just the

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