Flannery O Connor Character Analysis

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“A garbled echo returned to her. A final surge of fury shook her and she roared, ‘Who do you think you are?’” (O’Connor 33) This line is from Revelation when Mrs. Turpin was talking to a person that judged her, little did she know this person was jesus. Flannery O’Connor is trying to show that people often put themselves before others without ever wanting or letting themselves and others judge them. O’Connor uses this theme in many other stories including A Good Man is Hard to Find, Good Country People and Revelation. Flannery O’Connor uses character development to help the reader understand that people aren’t always who they think they are or who they seem to be to other people. In Good Country People O'connor uses the characters Hulga…show more content…
The grandmother meets a criminal and the criminal kills her whole family. At this point you see the grandmother change a bit because before she was rude and didn't seem to have many christian values and she keep saying you're a good man and you need to pray. The grandmother is saying to this criminal the misfit that he need to pray and the misfit keeps telling him it won't work and that there's no point to even try for forgiveness and justice. “‘Do you ever pray?’ she asked” (O’Connor 9). the grandmother aska this to try to show him that he doesn't know if it will work if he has never tries. This comes as a shock to the readers because before she didn't seem christan or like she prayed. O’connor is trying to show the reader that you can’t really tell people what to do unless you analyze and judge yourself and know you have that experience first. After a long discussion the misfit ends up kipling the grandmother anyway. The misfit also shocked readers in the way he talked about her death. It made him look like he might actually have some christian values, even though the others might not
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