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Grace and sins

Flannery O’Connor was a Southern author from America who frequently wrote in a Southern Gothic style and depended vigorously on local settings and bizarre characters. Her works likewise mirrored her Roman Catholic faith and regularly examined questions of morality and ethics. She created violence in the end of both “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and “Everything that Rises Must Converge” to put the stories to the end. She asserted that she has found that violence is strangely capable of returning her characters to reality and preparing them to accept their moment of grace, and also violence is the extreme situation that best reveals who
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We are all flawed from O’Connor’s view. The essence of humanity is sin, everyone is a sinner. Apart from that, the moments of grace that O’Connor was referring to was the moment when her characters are stirred. According to Bible, “Until we see ourselves as sinners, we won’t recognize Christ as Savior” (Luke 5:31), I think this message is what O’Connor wanted to deliver through her stories; the moments of grace are when the characters realize they need grace, meaning that when the characters discern that they are also wrongdoer like the others who need to be forgiven. All should concede that they are smutty, rotten heathens who require grace before they can accept grace.

In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” that moment of grace arrives when the prominent criminal points his gun at the grandmother. In spite of the fact that in the story she has spent most of the time picking at people while luxuriating in her own particular goodness, she has an epiphany. She takes a gander at the Misfit and thought of her child, realizing that two of them are not so unalike. She is silent and her hat that she is so fond
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In the story, the grandmother is promptly filled with practically otherworldly love and comprehension that are from God. She treats The Misfit as a kindred enduring person whom she is committed to love because of that moment of grace that God gives her at a sudden. (Every individual should have compassion to others and love his kindred people like himself, even his foes. As Jesus instructs all of us to.) The grandmother understands that love is for everyone even The Misfit, that she loves The Misfit simply as if he is her child. The view of him as a kindred individual, and the sudden yet genuine sentiment cherish for him are both unveiled, as endowments of God. The grandmother is an individual is slanted to malice, triviality, and narrow-mindedness, so would not have come to feel such love ever if it is not the assistance from God, from the Catholic
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