Flannery O Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Flannery O’Connor was a diligent Catholic author and a Georgia resident. She wrote Southern Gothic Literature, which is written works of literature in the South part of America during the mid-20th century. This type of literature consisted of morbid, disturbing or fantastic characters and circumstances in the stories. O’Connor relied on her religious beliefs and regional experiences as a source of inspiration for all her stories. In the story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, a family is taking a vacation to Florida, but the real journey takes place inside the family 's lives. One important question is brought up in the story and that is what a good man is defined as and how there is so few of them left in the world. Many of the characters in this story think of themselves to be kind-hearted people based on morals that they lived and stood by. These morals are strongly flawed which leaves each character blinded by their own self-righteousness. The grandmother plays a significant role in the book, exposing the real theme. The grandmother is the central and one of the most important characters in the story. The grandmother is a pretentious, manipulative and self-centered woman who is still stuck in her old ways. She doesn’t appreciate life as it is, but praises what is was like long ago. O’Connor presents her as being a prudish and elegant lady dress in white gloves, a hat and suit. She goes to extreme lengths to get whatever she wants and she doesn’t let anyone get in the way
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