Flannery O Connor's The Underneath

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The Underneath is a tale of loss, love, and betrayal. The Underneath follows the story of a cat who had been loved and sheltered for most all of her life by her owners. One day, she was left on the side of the road by the owners whom she had loved. The cat was expecting kittens in weeks time, so she knew she had to find somewhere to live, as well as somewhere to raise her unborn children. With nowhere else to go, she wandered through the woods looking for shelter. She wandered aimlessly for days on end, until she heard the solemn baying of a hound in the distance. She followed the sound and came face to face with an old, raggedy hound by the name of Ranger. The hound lived with his broken, cruel, and unforgiving owner, who had chained him …show more content…

For example, there were many instances of foreshadowing, but their was one in particular that occurred quite often. The recurring foreshadowing predicted and foreshadowed the escape of a snake who was trapped in solitary confinement. Also, there were multiple counts of conflict in the story. Though, the conflicts that most heavily impacted the book were all surrounding Puck. The two types surrounding Puck were Character vs. Nature and Character vs. Self. Character vs. Nature comes into play when Puck is stranded on the other side of the creek. The creek is what separated him from his remaining family, Then Character vs. Self comes in when Puck has to weigh his options and decide whether crossing the creek and seeing his family is truly worth risking his life. The last literary element wa the theme. I found that the theme of the book is that family plays an important role emotionally in someone’s life. Puck, as well as Ranger and Sabine all found that once they were separated from the ones they love, it took a large toll on them emotionally. Puck especially was impacted the most by the loss of his mother and the separation from his family. Upon being separated, Puck became melancholic and lost without the guidance of his mother and the comfort of his sister and

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