Flappers Fashion In The 1920's

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Flappers Fashion turns out to be a big thing in the 1920’s Have you ever wondered why all the flappers always looked so sharp? The flapper dress is a big thing in fashion. I bet you’ve already seen some of your friends wearing them at parties and such. Flapper dresses are not just for the rich and famous, they are for you too! Many girls wanted to look perfect for anyone and everyone. They were all so picky and wanted everything to be perfect. A big thing which made them all look so perfect were the dresses, jewelry, hair and makeup. Many young women wore sportswear, but with many parties and dances they wore dresses to be more attractive. The dresses were sleeveless, knee length, hung straight, and were loose from the body. They were so pretty and made all of the girls look like queens. Not only did the girls wear a dress they also wore shorter skirts with pleats or gathers. They would also wear tight strips of cloth around their chest so it made them look younger and so that they could have a better appearance. The low waist dresses with fullness at the hemline were very popular for a girl who loved to dance because it compliments their heels for when they’re dancing. The flapper dresses helped you show to everyone that you had the right to dress how you want, act how you want, and achieve whatever you want to achieve.…show more content…
The reason behind that is because they wanted to keep having fun instead of worrying about their families. They didn’t want to grow out of the adult years, they just wanted to keep partying and not having the job of taking care of their families. Lots of the flappers didn’t end up getting married until they were in their middle years. They were more interested in having fun then settling down and marrying. Having children wasn’t even in the picture of all their lives. All of the Flapper’s wanted to create their own pathway, by going to college and joining the
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