Acceptance Of Flappers In The 1920's

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Flappers of Yesterday
“I have even heard it said in praise of the modern women that she does not look upon marriage as her aim in her life, but looks forward to entering to a profession and earning her living independently of male support.” A powerful quote from a writer named Sheila Kaye-Smith (DiPaolo 6). She is talking about the women of the 1920’s started to change and becoming a different person, thinking different ways, and act out differently. With that others had different opinions on how the felt the change in women 's minds in the 1920’s. Although people saw flappers as a disgrace, they were a new kind of feminist with their independence, behavior, and lifestyle.
The Flapper originated from England before WWI and then came to the United States around 1915 but never really became popular until 1923. The term “Flapper” was described as Skinny young women who wore long, straight
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Most of them barely drank or had sex with a bunch of other men. Some rarely ever broke the law. People saw their lifestyle as wrong just because they chose to live by their own social rules and got married and had children when they were ready, not when their family thought it was right. They all fought to destroy the double standard about having sex before marriage because it was seen as wrong for women to do so, however, if men did it they would laugh with each other and see each other as great. There are still issues in today 's society with this. Penwell and advocate of Flapper culture stated: “we are passing from the man age, a rough age, into the age of culture, the women age” (6). Time never stops, age never slows down, the world will always keep moving forward whether the people want it to or not. Women fought for what they have today, some went politically some went straight to destroy the social norm. Each had their own role to play in giving women
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