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Pregnancy is the growth and development of an intrauterine fetus starting from conception to the onset of true labour that marks the beginning of the intrapartum period and the duration of normal pregnancy is 280 days (40 weeks or 9 months 7 days) calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period[1].
World Health Organization (WHO) socialises that pregnancy is a special thing and needs special attention from all family members. Because a normal pregnancy could at any time change into an emergency condition that can result in maternal death. One cause of high mortality rate the mother is due to lack of knowledge about pregnancy. To reduce
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Glenn Doman learning method is done gradually by using flash card media tool which is a word written on white cardboard with letter size 10 x 12.5 cm, the letter is written in a red capital letter[5, 6]. Explained that by using flash card learning media has many benefits such as sharpening the brain intelligence (cognition) and social intelligence of children or adults[7]. Flash card media is one of the learning media in the form of cards, contains a series of messages and a certain size. Flashcard consists of two parts namely the front and the back. Flash cards can be shaped picture cards on the front and come with a description, explanation or command on the back of the card. Flash card is a card game that is done by showing the card quickly to trigger the brain in order to receive information that is in front of them. So the media flash card is very effective in learning because it creates a fun learning, providing meaningful experiences, develops critical thinking skills in life in society as well as social skills. In addition, it can be concluded that the flash card is a card containing words or images[8]. Flash card media can be used for the development of vocabulary on aspects of language development[9]. The card is played in a way shown to the participants and read out quickly. The size of the flash card can be tailored to the needs of the class, meaning the size of the…show more content…
According to WHO report 2014, maternal mortality rate in the world as many as 289,000 inhabitants. Maternal mortality rate in Southeast Asia of 16,000 includes Indonesia 214 per 100,000 live births, Philippines 170 per 100,000 live births, Vietnam 160 per 100,000 live births, Thailand 44 per 100,000 live births, Brunei 50 per 100,000 live births and Malaysia 30 per 100,000 births life[11]. Indonesia Health Demographic Survey (SDKI) 2007 in Ministry of Health (2012) stated that maternal mortality rate is 228 per 100,000 live births. While in 2010, the national maternal mortality rate was 214 per 100,000 live births. The government through Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (SDKI) 2012 mentioned that the number of maternal mortality rate in Indonesia is still 359 per 100 thousand births in East Java in 2015 121 death/year and maternal mortality rate Surabaya in 2015 is 38 cases and in 2016 is 28 death cases [12–14].
When seen from the high maternal mortality rate in Indonesia that counselling during pregnancy is still less done by health workers. Mother's lack of knowledge also becomes an obstacle in giving counselling. An antenatal program to prepare the mother for pregnancy, parenting and the puerperium period should be given at 20 weeks and 30 weeks. Information provided should be consistent and tailored to the needs

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