Flashback As A Unique Narrative Tool In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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A Critique on the Application of Flashback as a Unique Narrative Tool in ‘Beloved’by Tony Morrison Ms. B. Kalpana Dr. P. Suresh M.Phil. Research Scholar Assistant Professor Department of English Department of English Vels University Vels University Chennai 600117 Chennai 600117 barathikalpana@gmail.com drsureshponnurangam@gmail.com Abstract Flashback, as a tool, has been animated by miscellaneous authors from the days of yore to enumerate their stories efficaciously. Writers employ diverse modus of operandi to conjugate the chain of events together to magnetise the readers. Such strains are applicated by authors as an innovation in their narrative fashion. Tony Morrison is one among them to master the craft and exceeded the horizon by adding more flavour to the narrative technique in…show more content…
Morrison’s novels are dominated by flashback effects. She has manipulated the technique to bring out the best of her works. This paper focuses on the narrative technique used by the author in her novels and to critically analyse her craftsmanship. Key Words: Narrative, Technique, Flashbacks, modus of operandi, craftmanship, domination etc… Introduction Toni Morrison is one of the specialists in story telling through which she has silenced many contemporary writers as well as readers. Her novels are revolutionary and most of her novels focused on black community. Her technique of swirling her narration back and forth gives more life to her novels. Her novel Beloved swims like a garden pond full of flashbacks and memories of the days of the past. Each memory is like a drop of wine, and when one person brings up enough

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