Flashback Scene In Shutter Island

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4.5 Shutter Island (2010) by Martin Scorsese A story about a U.S Federal Marshals, Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo Diocaprio and his partner, Chuck Aule heading to shutter island to investigate the disappearance of a murderess, Rachel Solandos who had escaped from hospital. In the process of investigation, he met Dr. Cawley who was the doctor explain about the facility and psychiaty. Teddy dreamt about his wife told him that Rachel still at Shutter Island. After that, Teddy and Chuck interviewed all the staff who worked at the hospital, he asked all the staff about Rachel and a guy named Andrew Laddies but everyone refuse to answer, but one of staff wrote a text “Run” for Teddy when he ask Chuck take a cup of water for him. On the next day, there was a storm hit on Shutter Island, Teddy and Chuck get the opportunity to get into C…show more content…
In this film, the flashback scene also known as Teddy Daniel’s dream. For example, the scene he dreamt about his past after the war he in dachau, he walked past to the death bodies, he saw Rachel Solandos who was the missing patient, there is also had a little girl open her eyes and started to talk with him “you should have saved me”. From this flashback, it shows Teddy Daniels mostly get to know his real identity because the little girl that talked to him was his daughter, Rachel Laddies. Next, Martin had use flashback to became the twisted plot of the film which was the scene when Teddy know his true identity of Andrew Laddies at the light house, but before he gets into the flashback, he saw his wife and the little girl raised hand infront of him. For example, he flashback to the past when he worked as Marshall back to his house, he saw his wife sitting at the swing and three of his children were get drowned into the lake infront of his house. From this twisted plot flashback, it had showed how Teddy Daniels knows his true identity as Andrew
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