Flashbacks In Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye is a coming to age novel that takes place in the late 1940s to early 1950s in New York. The novel, written by, J. D. Salinger takes us on a series of adventures set in California, Pennsylvania and New York City during the times after World War II. During the war, Salinger served as an enlisted man, reaching the rank of sergeant, and continued writing. In the beginning of the novel we meet Holden Caulfield, the novels main character, and learn that he is in a mental hospital somewhere in California. This automatically leaves the reader wanting more and wanting to know more about Holden’s life choices. Throughout a series of flashbacks we learn about Holden’s school life and how he attends a private school called Pencey…show more content…
When he arrives in New York Holden stumbles across a prostitute named Sunny. Although he is still a virgin, he is determined to lose his virginity even though he believes it should be between two people who care for one another. Shortly after the prostitute arrives Holden chickens out and just pays her to leave. Later on he gets attacked and robbed by her pimp.
The city of New York is where we also meet three other important people in Holden’s life. Him and his 10- year old sister Phoebe have an interesting relationship and are close friends as well as siblings. When he meets up with his sister he tells her that the one thing he 'd like to be is "the catcher in the rye." (Salinger) He explains that earlier that day he heard a little boy reciting a poem similar to that one. We also later learn that Holden has a little brother named Allie who passed away more than 3 years
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Holden’s younger brother is the symbol for death. There is one part in the novel where Holden is haunted by the spirit of Allie in a rainy cemetery surrounded by dead people and tombstones. In times of hardship he just wishes and hopes everything could go back to the way it was. He knows the beautiful moments won’t last forever. The last major theme expressed would be the battle within him self throughout the entire book.
During the setting of this novel, World War II had just ended. Since the 1930’s the economy had improved and President Roosevelt was starting his New Deal Programs. During this time work hours were long and payments were increased due to America’s involvement in the war. Women also had an important role during this time. They had to fill jobs in the factories as well as serving in the armed forces. But for many, the wait for some jobs and returning to work was a struggle. So the government came up with a solution called the GI Bill of
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