Flashback Techniques In Jennifer Brown's Hate List

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Jennifer Brown’s novel, Hate List, uses flashbacks to fill in the holes in the plot and give insight on the victims of the shooting. These flashbacks serve as a reminder to the reader of what happened and to remind the reader of the plot and how the targeted characters were just simple people who made wrong choices or were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The flashbacks allude to the lives of the people and shows the effects on the people and their families. For example, Lin Yong was one of the victims of the shooting and was recalled in a flashback recalling that, “Yong was hit in the forearm, the impact f the bullet shattering her wrist and causing extensive nerve damage in her arm. After four surgeries, Yong still has limited use of her third finger and…show more content…
Is significant in today’s society because it tackles and deals with the drama of a teenage girl who must confront her fears and deal with them to go on with her life. This novel is important to young adults because it has an important message, showing that people can get on with their lives after a traumatic situation. It is a sign of hope for adolescents because Valerie was able to get on with her life, piece by piece, and showed the conflicts she faced. This novel gave the typical teenager experience, making it relatable for many people, especially teenagers. It shows how every situation cannot be solved fast, and pays attention to the mental health of the main character. This is also an important novel to adults because it gives insight to adults on the common struggles of the average teenager and how every teenager thinks.The title is also significant to the novel because it shows what caused the entire novel to set in motion. Without the hate list, the school shooting would most likely not have happened. The title also serves as an attention grabber to readers who associate themselves with hate. The title of the novel informs the reader as to what the novel will be
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