Flashbulb Memory: Jim's False Memory

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Jim 's parents won the lottery when he was a child. Jim recently learned that his memory of the day his parents won the lottery is wrong. Jim 's initial recollection of the event was referred to as a flashbulb memory; a very vivid memory of an emotional experience. Flashbulb memories can deteriorate and adjust over time, forming phantom flashbulb memories. Also, this false memory can be explained by a form of source monitoring confusion.
A phantom flashbulb memory is a memory that is very real and intense, but is actually false. As time goes on, memories can change, ultimately forming into phantom flashbulb memories. Jim told the story of his parents winning the lottery to many people over the course of his life, and there is a large chance that his story changed over time. All memories change over time, but this one changed substantially. Phantom flashbulb memory is not the only explanation for Jim 's false memory.
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Another example of false memory is source monitoring confusion. Source monitoring confusion is when an individual is unsure where a memory has originated. Jim was ecstatic when his parents won the lottery, so his great emotions towards that day may be interfering with the actual occurrence. Brains occasionally mix desires with reality, making it difficult to depict between the two in a memory. Brains examine the vividness and accuracy of memories and then determine whether they are true or false. It is easy to confuse fantasies and realities when source monitoring and determining where a memory
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