Flat Earth Theory

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The concept of a flat Earth would seem natural and logical to the uninformed person, a child for instance. In our daily lives, we do not perceive the curvature of the Earth’s surface, hence one of the most common arguments for the Flat Earth Theory is that “our roads are flat”. This would be an understandable conclusion to arrive at in the past, when the lack of technology prevented the collection of crucial and concrete evidence for a spherical Earth model. Yet in an age where the scientific discipline of geodesy has already provided us with precise measurements on the curvature of the planet, communities such as The Flat Earth Society still exist, firmly defending the flat Earth model. Different individuals or groups may have various reasons…show more content…
In the 19th Century, Samuel Birley Rowbotham conducted a series of observations along an uninterrupted 6-mile stretch of the Old Bedford River in England in an attempt to prove the flat Earth model. Known as the Bedford Level Experiment, his studies followed the scientific process where he began with his observation of a flat Earth and challenged the claim that the Earth’s curvature would result in “declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile”. He designed various experiments that were all conducted on the same stretch of the Old Bedford River, including watching a bow sail away from him and observing two poles of equal height above the water…show more content…
The Bedford Level experiment was one of the latest notable experiments conducted in an attempt to prove the flat Earth model. For two centuries, the community has failed to provide evidence that supports their theory, yet they continue to hold onto the belief. On the other hand, the physical science community has progressed so much to the point that gravitational waves were discovered, using the Large Hadron Collider that had to take into account the Earth’s curvature during its construction. In this modern age of science and technology where we rely on satellites (technology orbiting in space that is capable of providing real-time photographic evidence of our spherical Earth) to provide us with the internet connectivity that our society cannot function without, the flat Earth community has been growing in numbers in recent

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