Flat Earthers Theory

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The article “Flat-Earthers Have a Wild New Theory About Forests” by Sam Kriss covers a new development in the interesting and unusual community of “Flat-Earthers", a group that believes that the Earth is not round, but flat. The article does a great job in summarizing what the “Flat-Earthers” believe, and the “Wild New Theory” as well. However, I feel that the article falls short in explaining why one would believe the flat earth theory. Although this is not the topic of the article, the article covers what “Flat-Earthers” believe as well as the newly created theory of “No Forests” and the psychological explanation for this new theory, but leaves the reader at a loss for the explanation for why one would believe in a flat earth in the first…show more content…
Natalie Wolchover wrote an article for livescience.com titled “Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?”. She explains their beliefs, some of the evidence that they provide for those beliefs, and also why she believes that anyone would believe in such a thing. The idea that certain people are more prone to believe in conspiracy theories is important. Karen Douglas, a psychologist at the University of Kent who studies the psychology of conspiracy theories, believes that “Flat-Earthers” cohere with other conspiracy theorists. Douglas believes that “Flat-Earthers” are influential because they are a minority that does not sway from their views. To some people this confidence in “going against the flow” is attractive. Douglas also notes that most “Flat-Earthers” don 't believe in other fringe type conspiracy theories, only the Flat earth theory. From this I conclude that “Flat-Earthers” do not believe that there is anything to “gain” from the theory. They instead simply believe that they have been lied to and want to make everyone believe that the world is flat. Their evidence is not scientifically sound, yet they believe it and will not sway from the view that the earth is flat. This confidence and feeling of a group belonging attracts others who want to feel as if they are a part of a group minority that is correct, not the group majority that is
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