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Common Health Issues Associated With Flat Feet
A foot normally forms an arch on the sole. If you have flat feet, however, you might find some limitations in your physical activities. You might also feel body pain and discomfort on your feet, legs and back from time to time.
Flat feet or fallen arches is medically termed as pes planus. It applies to soles without any arch or curve on its inner sides.
Infants commonly have flat feet because the ligaments and tendons don't completely develop until age 3. Among 18 million Americans or about eight percent of the population in the U.S., however, have fallen arches at age 21 or older.
What's Happens If You Have Flat Feet?
Although having flat feet is rarely a serious and life-threatening condition, it can lead to health issues. Simple
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The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and a hundred ligaments, muscles and tendons that weave efficiently to support and align the body. Such a complicated structure, however, forms differently with each person.
As you grow older, three arches mold on your feet on the lateral, medial and anterior sides that serve as the feet’s shock absorbers of your movements. Without the arches properly formed, the feet cannot function as intended, thus causing wear and tear or balance problems.
Developing flat feet is either an acquired or a congenital condition. Your family history and any history of injuries and trauma on the feet will help determine the cause, especially if you’re an athlete or you do regular strenuous physical activities.
Disorders or health conditions like cerebral palsy arthritis, diabetes and obesity can also lead to fallen arches formation. Pregnant women and older people can develop flat feet, too.
How Can You Tell If You Have Flat

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