Flat Tax System Essay

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Advantage of flat tax system
Before we start to discuss the content in this part, some conceptual issues should be illustrated ahead of the very beginning of this part: What’s the spirit a tax system should convey to the public? What are the functions and goals the government plans to achieve through a tax system?
The spirit a tax system should convey to the public. All men are created equally which convey the basic creed that everyone should be equally considered despite the race, color, faith and- which should be specifically focused in this case- income. Everyone should be treated equally under the tax system which actually represents the spirit of fairness. However, the majority in the public always mix up the concepts between fairness
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This part is just an expansion and emphasis from the preceding part of the paper to illustrate the importance of flat tax. Under the flat tax system, the foreseeable future indicates that there would be less barriers and constrains of the liquidation of funds. Moreover, under the background of global economic and political environment, it is the time for the nation to stimulate the gloomy economy. Stimulating the gloomy economy is to increase value of the total society instead of simply move the cash from one class to another. As a result, flat tax is more favorable compared to progressive tax under this global economic…show more content…
After all of these discussions and detailed analysis above, the essence of spirit and meaning which is represented behind the flat tax system is the key issue we should concentrate on. Even under the flat tax system, the rich still pay more tax as well as under the progressive flax system. The most important reason for applying flat tax system is to restore to our people their sense of freedom, their privacy and moreover, their Bill of Rights, all of which have been systematically exploited to enable the IRS to accomplish its mission closely. All in all, compare to progressive tax system, flat tax system can better consist with the Bill of Rights which is buoyed by the spirit of
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