Flawed Student Value

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Too often the success of a student is solely based on GPA or ACT scores — a number. In exchange, we 're quashing the core of a student, which reaches far beyond academics. I often see peers consumed with securing a membership into the acceptable numbers club — leaving little room for personal growth and development. This logic is flawed! A numerical value should never be the basis of a student 's worth. The focus should be on how well they use their knowledge and experiences, their involvement in his/her community, and their willingness to give back and create a better life for those less fortunate.
Despite a visual processing disorder which hinders my efforts at times, I am a hopeful scholar. Dyslexia basically scrambles the channels of learning for me, which makes it difficult to process information properly at first. Thus, much of my free time is spent reinforcing material from class lectures. With steadfast determination and sacrifice, I am able to maintain a decent GPA and honor roll status. Even so, I struggle with the reality of my learning differences every day. It can be terribly frustrating when my grades don 't always reflect my efforts. Nevertheless, I find a way to work through the challenge and remain focused on the objective — college.
Soon after my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at the
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Although we live in an age obsessed with numbers, it does not mean we should use this as a means to measure a student 's worth. We succeed in life for many reasons; GPA and ACT scores do not guarantee success. There are more important aspects that cannot be measured in quantitative terms, like the ability to be action-oriented and connected to work that improves the lives of others. Furthermore, nurturing psychological literacy and developing the internal strengths that determine a meaningful life. Though I’ve faced challenges, I’m grateful for them; as they are the catalyst for my personal and academic success. My numbers are decent but my abilities are

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