Flawless Spin Research Paper

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Most people do not think that Discus requires much effort, but they are wrong. A good Discus thrower utilizes a Flawless Spin, Balance, and Perfect Release. These three steps will have you throwing a very decent length. A good throw always begins with a Flawless Spin. First, to start off you will have to put your left foot in the middle of the circle and face opposite to the discus field, if not you will end up throwing the wrong way. Second, you will need to make a ninety degree turn, then start back over and make a wide one hundred and eighty degree turn. Next, you will make a wide three hundred and sixty degree turn with your left foot pivoting, and it needs to be wide for your spin to be wide. Last, you will have to flip your left foot forward and your right foot in the place of where your left foot was at first because your feet will be crossed for a second and if you do not flip your feet then you will be off balance. These directions will help any Discus thrower perform the Flawless Spin. Balance is key method to all of the Discus throwers feet. Balance is what connects everything together, because if your balance is not right then you will fall out of the circle of not be able to spin correctly and you just might get disqualified. Your weight has to be evenly distributed from your toes to your head,…show more content…
First the top knuckles on all of your fingers have to be gripped on the edge of the discus for exemplifying control. Then, when your arms are parallel to each other, this in which is how you will know if the Discus will travel too high or too low and the highness and lowness seriously determines how far your throw will go. Last, you will let the Discus go off of the inside of your index finger, so that the discus will not wobble. Some may let the Discus off of the inside of their middle finger, but it will not manipulate your throw, it is all in the comfort. This is the wrap up of the Perfect Discus
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