Flaws In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar is a great tragedy written by William Shakespeare that showed the great flaws in people and nations. Everyone in the play had a flaw or a hamartia such as cowardice, manipulation, or betrayal. But, everyone also has their strengths such as power and leadership. Caesar was a key character, even though he didn't appear through the whole play, but he betrayed his way into power. When Caesar first started to get power with three other people but he killed one of them to get the solo power of Rome. Caesar betrayed another leader to get power which was just one of his flaws but, Caesar’s hamartia is his arrogance, and he demonstrates it consistently in Acts 1-3. In Act 1 Caesar first starts to show not only his arrogance but,…show more content…
The Soothsayer is telling Caesar that something bad might happen to him and Caesar doesn't believe anything bad could ever happen to him which shows his arrogance. Caesar's arrogance isn't completely his fault because people are constantly building him up. Brutus asks Casca, “Was the crown offered him thrice?” (1.2.227). Antony offered Caesar the crown three times and every time he refused it every time. Every time Antony offered the crown to Caesar it built him up and built his arrogance and making him feel more wanted and important than he…show more content…
Caesar has gotten three warnings to be careful, and that something bad is going to happen, but he is so confident that nothing bad could ever happen to him he has ignored them all. Later in the Senate chambers, when they are discussing an issue, the Senate wants to undo a decision that Caesar made but he is stubborn in his decision. Caesar's response is, “ Know, Caesar doth not wrong, nor without cause Will he be satisfied” (3.1.47-48). Caesar thinks he could never be wrong and if he said he would go back on his decision then he would be admitting he was wrong. Caesar could never admit he was wrong even if it is in front of a bunch of people he doesn’t really respect. Caesar is so determined to stick with his choice that he says, “I could be well moved, if I were as you; If I could pray to move, prayers would move me; But I am constant as the North Star” (3.3.58-60). Caesar is saying if I was common like you I would change m mind, but I’m not, I'm great Caesar and I do not change my mind. He is also saying that if he could change people's mind he would be able to do more but he will never change his mind because he is as constant as the North Star. Caesar is so arrogant that he thinks he is as great as a beautiful phenomenon like a

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