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Flee Over to the Markets Dan visits the local flea market scene in Singapore to explore the cheap thrills that all Singaporeans love and what to expect and to look out for! Cheap, exciting and surprising are the three things one would describe a flea market. The idea of rows and rows of booth sitting under tarpaulin tents with tables and items displayed in a bric and brac fashion are the little things that Singaporeans love. The general idea of a flea market is to have many booths selling used items in an outdoor bazaar but of course, there are flea markets that have evolved far beyond that! Some are even fully air-conditioned! The current flea market resembles that of a pasar malam, a local street market that is popular in Singapore. An organiser…show more content…
Whether it is under the hot sun or air-conditioned there is a variety of items that can be found at a great deal. Cheryl said that she sees people from different walks of life when she moves from one flea to another, for example, when she sets up her flea market booth in Lucky Plaza there would be a lot of maids who are on their off days and she sees more teenagers at the her booth in TripleOne Somerset. Not only do the demographics of the shopper change in different location but the demographics of the vendors change as well. Singaporeans are known to be very cheapskate and they love to hunt for the cheapest deals. Singapore’s flea market scene caters to all of kinds of demographics in Singapore. Whether one likes to shop in the comfort of a shaded area, in his or her favourite art museum or under blazing Sun there is something for everyone. There is also an essence of true Singapore in the depths of each booth and each vendor by their personality and style by the items they display. Singapore’s street fashion scene can be seen in various flea markets, as there will be many trendy people in fleas buying clothes or just there to sell their used clothes. It is a great place to interact and find people with similar interest. Plus, it is also a good idea to plan a flea date with a loved one and go around the island to explore Singapore’s beautiful modern and traditional mixed attractions and shop at the

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