Fleeing Violence In Abraska Analysis

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The risks that immigrants take to leave their country, to enter America, and to start a life here, characterizes what it means to be an immigrant in the U.S. Immigrants flee their country to escape the dangers of their day to day lives. The New York Times article “Fleeing Violence in Honduras, a Teenage Boy Seeks Asylum in Brooklyn” tells the story of Alejandro and his younger brother as they try to flee the dangers of Honduras to find a new life in the U.S. Alejandro and his brother both had to live without a mother or father, they also had to live in San Pedro Sula, a highly dangerous city in Honduras. “Twice, gang members forced both boys from the bus, and several times they threatened…show more content…
Alejandro 's story shows that immigrants want to get away from the danger that is evident in their country. By Alejandro staying in Honduras, his life would have been at stake. The New York Times article relates to The Bean Trees,as the issue of immigrants fleeing their country out of danger applies to the characters Estevan and Esperanza. Both Estevan and Esperanza are Guatemalan immigrants who fled their country out of the danger that was their government. Estevan was involved in a teachers union which the Guatemalan government was against, which led the government to go as far as to kill family members and to take Estevan and Esperanza 's child. Estevan opens up to Taylor about the life threatening decisions he and Esperanza had to make to create change in Guatemala.“This is what I am saying: In Guatemala, you are careful. If you want to change something you can find yourself dead” (Kingsolver, ch. 9). Their story proves that immigrants leave their country to be released of the dangers that they had in their past life. Had Estevan and Esperanza stayed in Guatemala their lives along with many others would have been lost. Estevan and Esperanza 's…show more content…
Maddie then has to help Taylor realizes how hard it is for immigrants to find a new life in America and that it 's very dangerous that they are so close to the border. “Immigration is making noises. They could come in and arrest them, and they could be deported before you even had time to sit down and think about it” (Kingsolver, ch. 11). Estevan and Esperanza show that even though they lost everything in Guatemala they came here even with the chance of losing everything again. As they saw America as a new hope and a new start to their lives. Estevan and Esperanza represent the many immigrants that enter America for a new life but are deported and left with nothing. And like many immigrants like Armando and his family they fear for security of their lives every day. This issue appears today as many authority figures in our government and many presidential candidate would like to deport many illegal immigrants from the U.S. No matter what opinion there is on the subject we should all take into consideration the risk these people take when entering into our country for a

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